The Voxcvos


A |Vo-vos is a kind of hybrid government official/ servant leader/ priest, concerned with Xoqny society, rather than any specific spiritual practice. They are sometimes referred to as the |Virrxsed-ijxatzxatzij, or thousand and one religions. They are the caretakers of the qexrs in a given area, ensuring the acquisition and transfer of relevant resources, including finances. They also maintain the records of the Xoqny, adding any contributed Nyirrx (personal holy book) to the larger Qr-Nyirrx (primary holy book), which may be accessed by any person at any time. This is considered a holy task—hence the secondary title.

Those who experience being a |Vo-vos are said to be in their qersjin (capacity paradigm), which is considered both a deep honor and a form of community service. There are three branches to the |Voxc-vos: |Xovos (priest), |Xovos-wak (poet), and |Xovos-wak-sed (magician), with differing responsibilities and privileges.

During their qersjin, a |Vo-vos is known only by their current title. They may xi-qers-vektwil, but beyond that, it is considered insensitive to remind them of any qexrs-fegh.

Recap of Significant Terms

|Vo-vos: (lit. possibility) name of the overarching governmental institution of the Xoqny; title of an individual currently holding position within that government
Nyirrx: a personal book, a diary, commonly used to recount, revisit, and consider those experiences had during a lifetime
Qr-Nyirrx: the primary holy book, a database of all the Nyirrx that have been contributed throughout history
Qersjin: the capacity paradigm, so called because the |Vo-vos serve others in order to support their capacity for experience
Xi-qers-vektwil: bringing/ following a loved one into the next paradigm
|Xovos: priest, title for the first circle of the |Vo-vos, most likely to be encountered by the general public; primary duties are matters of finance, data collection, and organization
|Xovos-wak: (lit. speaking-priest) poet, second circle of the |Vo-vos, responsible for observing and recording the facets of Xoqny culture, including detailed observations of any given qers; often consulted in the construction of a qers
|Xovos-wak-sed: (lit. access speaking priest, or priest whose speech creates access) magician, third circle of the |Vo-vos, responsible for the organization of the |Vo-vos and searching the Qr-Nyirrx for patterns and meaning; each |Xovos-wak-sed usually has one or several areas of expertise/ interest, such as language, magic, technology, history, etc.; may interrupt or stop a qers if deemed necessary (but is then subject to a trial held by those who were experiencing that qers)