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Some Common Terms and Phrases

Xivoswynok: (lit. we mutually inhabit) Hello, welcome (formal)
Xiok: Hello (informal)
Xifeljkny: (lit. we change designs) Goobye
Qo-int  : How are you?
|Xin-vozt: title for an unknown person (formal)
|Kiz-vozt: title for an unknown person (informal)
|Xin-yatbelx: title for a known person (formal)
|Qo-yatbelx: title for a known person (informal)
At-intat  : How do I get there? (informal)
At-intat  : How would I get there? (formal)

Not common, just interesting uses of zas

Qo-q-at-tatfegh  : How would you get there before I?
Q-qo-wak siglityjesk: I might say that you are (exist in relation to) beautiful.
Qo-yjesk sixcglit: You have become beautiful.
Qo-yjesk nyot: You currently have beauty.

Qo-yjeskqan: You are beautiful. (fact, informal)


Significant Cultural Terms


Xi-qers: the “we paradigm,” an acknowledgement of a shared qers

Vekt-tet-bovkiz: a change made from wisdom because it is time

Vekt-osz: the cyclical need for a large change that may destabilize everything

Vekt-jin: a change made for the sake of love

Vekt-yjok: a change made to impact others

Vekt-bel: immediate, explosive change for personal enjoyment

Vektqersqitfosh: the feeling of an impending change

Nokve: a small change, a tweak to a current paradigm (ex.: changing your job, your accent, your religion, your status, etc.)


Ghajsed-bel: a driving, all-consuming passion

Ghajsed-qitfegh: a momentary interest with a passionate approach

Ghajsed-wilwirrl: going overboard due to passion and being okay with it


Opit-hapsed: (lit. sacred pearl) a covenant, a strong promise meant to last through qexrs

Siglotsutyjent: seeming is being


Selected Vocabulary, English to Nyix


Man: liber

Woman: libad

Third gender/ inclusive (on or beyond the gender spectrum): libux

Change (holy, archaic): ny

Who: ont

What: ant

Where: ent

When: unt

How: int

Now: mi

Taking in (consuming, integrating): swy

Knowledge: kiz

Power: hap

Exude: kluw

Emanate: bov

Life: wyck

Sex: (lit. now life) wyckmi

Beyond (outside understanding): vozt

Disease: dez

Entropy: (lit. changing disease) dezny

Decay: (lit. disease emanation) bovdez

Apply: (lit. inner now) bel-qit

Speak: wak

Yes: birr

No: ix

Are: pi

Shared (mutual): ok

Strange: widzan

Trust: myqk

Distrust: ixmyqk

Dizzy: (lit. air disease) dezodh

Inner: qit

Outer: wil

Then (previous): fegh

Then (future): fosh

Now: bel

Never: ixbel

Here: belx

There: at

Far: wirrl

Near: qirrt

Go: tat

Hold: synp

Access: sed

Sacred: (lit. access power) hapsed

Body: bast

Damage: ducton

Alteration: qyjn

Superimposed: zejd

Place: tsoj

Town: tsoj-qirrt

City: tsoj-wirrl

Tower: (lit. there earth) obcat

Person: pijef

Everywhere: tsojx

Balance: jin-vektwil

Symbol: zupf

Magic: bovsed

Void: ixvovos

Change (modern): vekt

Adapt: vekt-wil

Love: ghaj

See: ban

Language: nyxcixc

Gratitude: gratz

Ridiculous: solos

Average: netiz

Air: odh

Fire: osz

Earth: obc

Water: ogt

Up: ta

Down: ixta

Flat: mah

Move: yjum

Extreme: (lit. outer far) wil-wirrl

Look: yat

Time: tut

Day: dra

Night: ixdra

Recent: qit-fegh

Soon: qit-fosh

Very: eshap

Zero: xatz

One: ij

Two: ott

Three: top

Four: rek

Five: roz

Six: mef

Seven: wopt

Eight: wit

Nine: zyn

Ten: ij-xatz

Always: (collective noun of zero) xaxctz