The Xoqny

Xo-Q-Ny: They and I, changing.

About the Xoqny

The Xoqny are a people that revere change—in the same way that Americans revere freedom: as a primary, significant, and assumed underlying tenant. They view change as a way of developing and building, culturally, a latticework reaching upwards; as opposed to chaos or pointless flux, which is seen as a kind of psychosis, a degeneration and tearing down of ideology. Their word for civilization is vekt-qazuck-magin (lit. intricate structure of change). That said, the Xoqny have no word for “truth.”

A Xoqny is humanoid in form, living roughly 200 years on average, though some have been known to live to 400. Their home planet is known as Xo-Q-Irrx (lit. they and I are complete at our origin), though they are space-faring and have belxfeljkbelqit (settled) on many planets. They are highly technologically advanced in areas such as biotech, cybernetics, genetic bioengineering, AI, and robotics.

Every Xoqny has many wyxckvos (possible lives, which is to say many potential experiences, not multiple lives), and most will cycle through many vexkt-qers (paradigm changes) throughout their lifetime. Each vekt-qers is akin to a birthday, marking the line between the qers-fegh (previous paradigm) and the wyck-bel (lit. now life).

In many ways, Xoqny society is shaped around the ability to satisfy many qexrs (paradigms) for the full lompq (spectrum) of all the pixcjef (people) on Xo-Q-Irrx, so they may autonomously explore their qerswyck (lit.: life paradigm, purpose).


For instance, any given city may be sectioned into different governmental systems: a monarchy may rule over a castle and a self-sustaining community, with very specific requirements for status, clothing, and speech; directly next to a group of skyscrapers where capitalism reigns supreme and business acumen is the most desired skill; which is across the river from a pagan theocracy that uses advanced technology in the course of its earth worship. A Xoqny may vekt-qers through these at will.

Recap of Significant Terms

Wyckvos: all the possible lives/ experiences a person could/ may have
Qers: paradigm; an immersive experience
Vekt-qers: paradigm change; the time when a person chooses a new paradigm, treated like a birthday
Qers-fegh: previous paradigm; former immersive experiences
Wyck-bel: the now life; the current paradigm being experienced
Qerswyck: one’s purpose in life
Belxfeljkbelqit: (lit. here now found place) the act of establishing a new colony, or feeling comfortable with a change; achieving comfort or agreement; NOT making an inappropriate concession—they have no word for that.