Artist: Unknown

Bast-Nyx-Jin: Capacity for the God-body


Bast-nyx-jin is a significant concept in Xoqny culture, particularly among the religious. Different virrxsed approach the concept differently (of course).
Some view it as a kind of path to transcendence, a way to become a god.
Others view it as the most ideal state a mundane being can achieve—essentially, being a paragon, or achieving enlightenment.
Still others have turned it into a code of honor entirely separate from religious implications, inclinations, or obligations.
Yet others see it as what Xoqny culture as a whole is already doing: experiencing many things in order to develop a deeper understanding, a kind of civilization-wide apotheosis.

Significant Terms

Virrxsed: /pronounced: veksed/ (lit. access of the divine) religion, both singular and plural
Ix-nyx-irrx: /pronounced: ix nix ex/ (lit. the absolute negation, the most complete stasis) inescapable boredom; evil
Nyx: /pronounced: nix/ (lit. the most complete, or entire, or absolute change) god(s), embodied divinity
Bast-nyx-jin: /pronounced: BAHst nix jin/ (lit. capacity for the god body) engodding, honorable path, ideal state of being

For those who view bast-nyx-jin as a way to godhood, the |Baxst-nyx are their polytheistic gods—or shards of a larger god, Nyx, experiencing itself, which is a somewhat common semi-monotheistic perspective.