Mixov: A brightly-colored, often multi-hued quadruped mammal with a semi-prehensile tail; cherished as a companion. They are regarded as deeply intuitive, loyal, discerning, and wise. Their evolutionary pattern has paralleled that of the Xoqny throughout recorded history. One does not own a mixov; one earns the trust of a mixov for as long as one deserves it.

It is against Xoqny law to harm a mixov in any capacity, including bioengineering or cybernetic enhancement. The punishment for doing so is ostracization, a punishment worse than death to most Xoqny.

The opithapsed-mixov (or mixov covenant) is the understanding between a person and the mixov they have bonded with that that bond will cross all qexrs (paradigms/ life experiences). It is fairly common that if a mixov bonds with multiple persons, those persons bow to the wisdom of the mixov and form a xi-qers (we paradigm: agreement to move through different life experiences as a unit).

The Mixov-nyjodh (song of the mixov) is a festival day every cycle, celebrating the experience of the mixov. Many accommodations are given to those who xin-lins (break character from their current paradigm) during this time.


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